Alexis And Fido Soy El Barrio Tour

This couple of yound Reggaeton Performers Alexis and Fido, just came back fom a very sucessful toun in the UK. With their tour named " Soy el Barrio Tour" they were able to put the English Audience to dance and even sing soem of their current hits such as " Soy igual que tu" "Eso eh", "Agarrame el Pantalon".

After their concern this young guys took a couple of days off and were tourist in the UK where they visited the famous Big Ben, the Clock Tower, Westminister Palace. They really enjoyed this time to be regular tourist, but of course they are very famous even in the UK where some fans saw them and they had to take pictures and signed autographs for them.

According to Alexix he has accomplish his dreams of bringin their music to other continents with people of other cultures, accoring to Fito he still has more to do his dream is to be able to perform in many other European countries.

Alexis and Fido will continue with their tour in Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Paraguay, and then tours the end of March they will be going back to some European countires and continue with their tour.

Currently their most recent cd "Sobrenatural " has been on the number 2 of the Lation Urban Billboard with their hit " Soy igual que tu"

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