Tego Calderon . El Abayarde
Tego Calderón was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, in 1972. He grew up in Río Grande and Carolina, areas of Puerto Rico that maintain some of the strongest Afro-Caribbean influences on the island. Throughout his childhood Calderón was exposed by his parents to the groundbreaking music of salsa legend Ismael Rivera, as well as to Latin jazz.“I grew up and identified myself with Ismael Rivera’s distinctive style and soon I was old enough to understand what course I wanted to follow in music.”

Determined to take his place in the mu ...
angel - 02.18.08 9:09 am - [ Read More ]
Tito El Bambino . Efrain Fines Nevarez
With a strong inner strength that pushes him to keep on going and with an artistic maturity that allows him to know where is he going to, Efraín Fines Nevarez, a/k/a Tito El Bambino, now premieres his first soloist production Top of the Line, a compilation of 20 danceable themes which will make every one who listens them to move to the rhythm of reggaeton.

Yes, you read correctly! This production contains 20 songs in one single compactdisc, almost all of them written by Tito El Bambino himself. Though this sounds crazy in today’s re ...
belen - 02.28.08 11:30 am - [ Read More ]
WISIN Y YANDEL . Duo Dinamico
Wisin y Yandel Biography

Born Juan Luis Morera and Llandel Veguilla respectively, the duo of Wisín & Yandel are a bright hot comet of rhythm and dynamic energy making their mark in a genre that fuels today’s hottest musical movement, Reggaeton. A musical genre that distinguishes itself and sets itself apart by fusing Jamaican dancehall with Panamanian reggae root. Setting themselves apart with music so unique that it has the ability to cross gender lines and appeal to all races and ages, Wisín & Yandel have quickly become h ...
rigo - 04.06.08 8:42 am - [ Read More ]
Daddy Yankee . El Cangri
Known as Daddy Yankee, but born as Ramon Ayala was born February 3, 1977, in Piedras Negras Puerto Rico.
At an early age Ramon aka Daddy Yankee found the love for the music. From love to socially-saturated comments on the everyday Puerto Rican culture, rap songs about social events, as well as rapping by inprovising based on any type of event. Even though Reggaeton was not very popular in th 80's he still continued by been persistant. In 1998 his hit song was "Posicion" which it was played in the soundtrack of the movie One ...
belen - 02.12.08 6:50 pm - [ Read More ]
Don Omar . The King of Kings
Born as William Omar Landron Garces born in February 10, 1978 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. He is known as Don Omar.
He is a very successful reggaeton singer, he had two major hits that put him on the top of his carrer one of the songs been "Dile" and "Dale don Dale", from his first album. His songs center around love and life, an example of this is another of his hits "Pobre Diabla".

He is currently dating Jackie Guerrido who is a weather reported for Univision. He has sold over a million copies around t ...
belen - 02.12.08 7:16 pm - [ Read More ]
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