Daddy Yankee And Politics

WOW, Daddy Yankee surely knows how to make it in the news. With his new released "Talento de barrio" movie it surely gave his fans something new to talk about. The movie talks about the struggle of a young guy that lives in the hood. It was surely a great topic that many of his fans could relate to.

The surprise that he gave us was this past week when he openly gave his support to Republican John McCain, according to Yankee he feels that McCain is ready to make a difference and bring peace to this country. Even though Daddy Yankee has not much of a good argument to back up his statement he choose to announce his support publically.

In a recent interview Daddy Yankee also stated that he has respect for Senator Obama, but he thinks that Puerto Rico might have a better benefit if he votes Republican.

What that said we just hope that his political choices or the fact that he was open about showing his support will not affect his career, and Daddy Yankee might run out of gasolina..

05.01.09 10:30 am [ delete ]
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09.21.08 1:09 am [ delete ]
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