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Known as Daddy Yankee, but born as Ramon Ayala was born February 3, 1977, in Piedras Negras Puerto Rico.
At an early age Ramon aka Daddy Yankee found the love for the music. From love to socially-saturated comments on the everyday Puerto Rican culture, rap songs about social events, as well as rapping by inprovising based on any type of event. Even though Reggaeton was not very popular in th 80's he still continued by been persistant. In 1998 his hit song was "Posicion" which it was played in the soundtrack of the movie One Tough Cop.

His first platinum record was El Cartel, followed by El Cartel Volume 2, which it was released in 2002. Another of his major achievements was the Streem Jam Regaae Award 5 years in a row. Without a question one of his major hits has been songs such as Gasolina which it put him on top of his genre.

Although his primary type of music has been reggaeton, he has also sing salsa, merengue, He has performed with salsa singer Olga Tanon, and salsa star, Domingo QuiƱones.

Currently he is consider one of Puerto Rico's best reggaeton artist. He is continuing touring the world he will be visiting some countries such as Honduras, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, and Santo Domingo to mention a few.

04.30.09 12:26 pm [ delete ]
daddy yankee(raymond ayala)i love u and ur songs and ur son is so cute and u r hott.....te amo y tambien a talento de barrio......
01.08.09 12:09 pm [ delete ]
09.01.08 9:46 am [ delete ]
hello daddy what you up 2 m8 i love you
05.22.08 6:13 am [ delete ]
i love u i am your #1 fan la mera neta no joke muncho besos!!!!!!!!!!!
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