Don Omar and Daddy Yankee United

After all of this Reggaeton controversy, of how is a better reggaeton singer if Don Omar or Daddy Yankee, they decided to perform in a concert together. This news surpreside more than one of their followers, and even their fellow songer friends.

This past March 8th they surprised the audience when they perform together in Puerto Rico. The point of this performance was to show to the audience that there has to be unity at all levels. According to Don Omar he quoted "Music can do this and alot more for us"..Aproximatelly over 15 thousand fans showed up to this concert where Don Omar invited Miguelito to stage and later on he also invited Daddy Yankee Wisín, Yandel.

According to Ive Queen, she was even surprised to see how this even turn out, the fans were very please to see their idols sing in one stage. She stated that it did not matter their differences, or their backgrounds, this is the time for all to be united, it is the time to be together in harmony.

It had been four long years since Daddy Yankee and Don Omar had declared the war betweeen them, but hopefylly this encounter will be to benefit their proffesional relationship, and make the music stronger.

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