Jay Z Shound Be Change To Jay

The famous rapper Jay Z has recently sign a dea with Live Nation Record label.. This is the same record label where the Pop Diva Madonna, has her contract. For a long time Madonna had held one of the highest paying artist by this company. According to some sources Madonna had made about 90 million dollars with Live Nation, but recently Jay Z just broke her record.

That is right Jay Z was hired by Live National Record for the amount of $150 million dollars. His new job is not to rap or perform but rather to produce for singers in this record label. His new job will range from producing to go in tours with the artist as well as managing their careers.

By signing this contract it makes Jay Z the highest paying rapper in history. He has got the highest contract that any rapper has done in history. In his contract with Live Nation Records according to some sources Jay Z has an open window in case that he decides to produce his own music again, and go in tour.

To this point only U2 and Madonna had the highest paying record in this company. But it is part of history.

The new rumor is that Jay Z will be marring Beyonce very soon, we have to wait to see this great event!

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